REVIEW of “NOTE FRAGILI” by Francesco De Filippi (English version)



It is with this beautiful review that Francesco De Filippi describes and comments on my novel “Note fragili”.

(The review has been published on Blog “The enchanted world of books” reachable at this link:

REVIEW of “NOTE FRAGILI” by Francesco De Filippi 


Spring appears in this period in its overbearing beauty, more luxuriant and alive than ever it makes fun of us that to protect those we love we try to go out only for the needs that undoubtedly allow us to win this fight for survival. We realize that this sun does not shine for us as its rays filter through our windows giving us a portion of an unattainable and melancholy horizon. We get lost in the whirlwind journey of thoughts retracing fragments of life that will never return, we are aware that we will talk about the future, but everything will be different, remorse and regrets are around the corner remembering those moments because we have not lived them as we would have liked . This long period will be impossible to forget not only for direct contact with death but also because it is inexorably killing our social life in favor of pressing individualism. The wall of distrust is gripped and becomes an impassable fortress, we find our humanity. It is true that we cannot embrace each other, there is no physical contact with those we love, but we try to eliminate our personal selfishness because there are many ways to show affection, just wanting to. We do not wait any longer, a I love you does not cost anything and even more today it indicates being there, a constant presence in someone’s life, a caress entrusted to the wind that gives heat, wipes solitary tears and soothes the most secret wounds of the soul. The world appears further divided creating irremediable fractures between adults and young people. Difficile a difficult test for everyone cannot be denied but adults will find a way to reinvent themselves to continue living because life over time teaches that the roads are not always straight or have curves there are also shortcuts. This is why the biggest problem is young people. Constantly trained subjects who have found themselves with broken wings and are now afraid of taking flight because swallowed by the river of their frailties, at the mercy of this current there is the risk that they will drift away losing the last glimmer of hope in the life. From the school point of view, it was decided to circumvent the obstacle through distance learning, but immediately this new method showed not only its advantages but also its limitations. You can connect with everyone, but the approach you can give is strictly notional. There is no room for experience, a sincere comparison, a real dialogue. Culture can be learned over time, the most urgent need is to give young people confidence in themselves. This paradoxical situation is killing their happiness, the positive thing, however, is that the social role of school and collective activity is being rediscovered. Until some time it was argued that the training of the person should take place through education, sociability and the critical spirit to become a conscious citizen. All this should be reviewed and the addition of at least a fourth parameter should be promoted which has always been, underestimated and today that has become vital, there is an opportunity to remedy it, I refer to empathy. In Denmark empathy has entered the school curriculum fully since 1990, with the name of Klassen Tid but already reliable sources claim that in different forms it was applied since 1870. It is not possible to understand how it is possible there and not in the rest of the world. This appears to be the most appropriate way to introduce Giovanni Margarone’s beautiful novel Fragile Notes. A training novel about the power of a dream that dominates the fragile soul of the protagonist who confuses the subtle conception between the tangible and the abstract and also risks losing its true essence which is then the substance of which dreams are truly made.

Personal anecdotes

I am particularly happy to review Giovanni because besides being a friend he is also a colleague of mine from the blog “The enchanted world of books”. It seemed correct that having a writer on the team, someone reviewed his books and I am honored that this novel about classical music has touched me. Since his entry Giovanni has surprised us with his competence and the extreme delicacy he proves to have in all the subjects he deals with. Reviewing a blog member’s novel allows me to publicly thank Elisa and also all the other friends who welcomed me with open arms. This novel also gives me the opportunity to be able to tell you a little about my private life and open up further to you readers. I felt a bit like the protagonist of this novel. Study is everything for me, I had even made it the centrality of my world. I had set myself the goal of specializing, I wanted my sacrifices and those of my family to make sense, with the achievement of an important educational qualification. There was and there is also the desire to show that if I have achieved some goals it is not for the pity of people for my physical condition but because something is worth. Between ups and downs I had a nice university career. Until while I was preparing the exam for teaching Latin, the news came of the death of my dear friend Giovanni Santangelo who besides being a teacher of mine, had become a close friend. For the first time I didn’t know what to do, I made my heart decide, I didn’t go to the exam and for the following months I cried it myself. I strengthened myself and came to the degree for him too, with the thesis I had always dreamed of writing. Reached the goal with full marks, after the initial euphoria and contentment I found myself in a depressive state, the reason why I got up every morning, I had to reinvent myself but I didn’t know if I still had the strength. Like a lighthouse in the night came the proposal of my friend Elisa that fortunately with the little reasoning that at the time I had left I accepted immediately and that’s why I thank you for saving me. Through the blog I was able to further refine my readings and this made me understand that I can be so much more as long as I really want it. Those who know me know that teaching was my priority, I also recognize obsession. By not denying my studies because they allowed me to be the person I am, I want to try my academic career and keep other doors open, the important thing that they don’t totally degrade my person. There are ways like that of the literary critic that I had not considered, but that I want to try, to further believe in the skills that have been given to me. It’s nice when a book hurts you so much that it forces you to look inside yourself and brings greater clarity to the most secret rooms of the soul. to further believe in the abilities that have been given to me. It’s nice when a book hurts you so much that it forces you to look inside yourself and brings greater clarity to the most secret rooms of the soul. to further believe in the abilities that have been given to me. It’s nice when a book hurts you so much that it forces you to look inside yourself and brings greater clarity to the most secret rooms of the soul.



Each art form is synonymous with beauty, but each to express itself freely and show its benefits must hurt and even a lot, need to shake consciences for this every cut to the art and culture that takes place is a physical and moral wound which is inflicted on the person we may be. Art enchants and seduces but only strong souls bring it to fruition. Ė what happens to Francesco the protagonist of the novel that suffocated by family and village life, secretly cultivates the passion for music. The family pattern outlined within the novel for the protagonists Francesco, and Ana is characterized by paternal authority and benevolent maternal understanding, all of which recalls the ancient patriarchal society that has not totally disappeared. He secretly plays Francesco until he is overwhelmed by the disruptive force of his passion. A passion that feels the need to be expressed, the white and black keys of the piano mix to the point of creating poetic nuances. The young man finds himself fighting paternal ideologies according to which art cannot be lived. Francesco enrolls in the local conservatory and through external help from Michele, a former professor of that conservatory manages to ride the wave of the dream. Michele is the Virgil of history, a physical and spiritual guide who leads Francesco through the infernal folds of music and life. A positive character who leaves the purest of the teachings to the protagonist, namely that life in spite of everything deserves to be fully lived. A special novel where Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart and Debussy corollary to an intense story and an artificial and elegant writing, used in its perfect dosage. The writer uses every word with sacred respect, honors its etymologies by creating a perfect harmony between words and music. At some point the music for a fragile and insecure soul like that of the protagonist turns out to be unmasked and ceases to be the safe haven to become crazy obsession. Overwhelmed by tragic unexpected events, the protagonist is forced to change and revise his priorities. Will Ana’s love save him from himself and his ghosts? A piano and a violin that come together, fragile souls that together become an unbeatable force so as to no longer allow external elements to affect their private sphere. The novel, divided into thirty-seven chapters, is like a long letter to a son where not only is the story of his parents reborn from the ashes told, but he is unexpectedly given one of the deepest gifts, an alternative way of dreaming.

FRANCESCO DE FILIPPI looks like this:

My name is Francesco De Filippi, a young Sicilian who recently had a doctor in modern and Italian Philology. The humanities sector is not a passion but the engine of my existence. Theater and books saved my life from difficulties and believe me they were many. Aspiring writer with the desire to teach hoping to convey all the love I have for books. People and loves go books remain, they are our most faithful companions, they will never betray us and above all allow us to dream. We have to defend the books because nobody can kill our dreams.
I agree to be part of this blog because from the first time I immediately felt at home. It seems to me the right place to be myself because I can share readings. Knowing that people buy the books I recommend makes me happy, so I can’t wait to start this adventure !! Best wishes Francesco.


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