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“When I finish a book I’m tired, but everything is won by the magic of the words that will go to find you, my readers”

(Giovanni Margarone)



I was born in 1965 in Alessandria (Italy), from a Sicilian father and a Ligurian mother, I lived in Liguria up to twenty-one years. When I left my country to go to Friuli, for work reasons, it was 1986. I have always been an assiduous reader, also a lover of philosophy and music. Writing and music, in particular, have been, since I was a boy, my natural vocations; for this reason, at the age of 12, while I was studying piano, I tried to write two novels, never published, which I have always jealously kept among my memorabilia. Since then, I have continued to write thoughts, short stories which, however, I have always placed in the drawer, while many have unfortunately been lost.

I am a fiction writer. My novels are more part of those of training, due to the evolution they make (first of all, and not only) the protagonists (from childhood to adulthood, often going back to the origins, digging into the history of the character). Forte is the introspective and psychological component, as well as the evocation of Italian neo-realism of the 1900s, so that the character always remains the central element of the narratives, which could therefore be set in any place. For this reason, the descriptions of the places where the characters move act essentially as a support, without however weighing down, but giving the right emphasis.

Writing cheers me up and why not? I enjoy it. I write to be read, because if I did not write for others, it would be an incomplete activity, an end in itself. Writing to be read is a great responsibility, undoubtedly, but it could not be otherwise. I interpret writing as the most effective means of transmitting feelings, emotions, to induce meditation. This transcendental interpretation of writing is very dear to me, spirituality is part of ourselves and the spirit must be nourished. I always hope that the reader derives nourishment for his spirit from my writings, I think my literary genre allows it, and that he makes the message transmitted through the books his own. Being read also means exposing yourself to criticism. Inescapably, every artist who puts their works in public is exposed and rightly so.

I have always had a strong focus on Russian, French and German nineteenth-century literature (in particular Dostoevsky, Flaubert, Proust, Goethe, Gogol, Tolstoy, Bulgakov, Prèvost, Balzac to name a few); without forgetting the references to the Italian twentieth century, in the figures, among others, by Pirandello, Svevo, Cassola, Calvino, Cesare Pavese and Umberto Eco. Authors, as I always say, who made me school , and which I believe have contributed inescapably to my literary and stylistic maturation. I am a firm supporter of the paper version of books of any kind, agreeing with Camilleri when he said that the book is hot; while believing that IT and the web in general are now essential tools for any type of business, including literary ones.
In 2011, taking advantage of the opportunities of the network, I had created an IDEE… blog by Giovanni Margarone from which I had drawn ideas for the essay “Oltre l’orizzonte” published in 2013.
Satisfied with that work, I have so far written and published four novels:

“Note fragili” (2018, second edition, Ed. Kimerik),
“Le ombre delle verità svelate” (2018, second edition, Ed. Kimerik),
“E ascoltai solo me stesso” (2019, second edition, Ed. Kimerik),
“Quella notte senza luna” (2018) (will be published in 2nd edition with the publishing house Le Mezzelane in late 2020).

In preview, I add that I have written three other novels so far unpublished, which will be published in the future (the writer’s activity never stops!).

In addition, in 2019 one of my stories “The secret of the casone” was included in the anthology “Friulani per sempre” – with an afterword by Bruno Pizzul – published by “Edizioni della sera”.

In November 2019, the Municipal Administration of San Giovanni al Natisone (UD/Italy) gave me a “Merit” for giving prestige to the city with my literary activity.

I am a member of the Culture Commission of the municipality of San Giovanni al Natisone (UD/Italy).

I write reviews and editorials on literary blogs.

My works are reviewed and reported in various literary blogs and magazines, where I often give interviews; I am often a guest on radio and television broadcasts.



“Note fragili” obtained:

1st place in the literary and photographic competition “The voice of Nature: Harmony, Wellness and Spirituality” 2nd Edition 2019 in Rome;
“Special Mention” at the literary prize “Mino De Blasio” 2019 of San Marco dei Cavoti (BN);
“Reporting of Merit” at the “10th Literary Competition City of Grottammare 2019”;
“Miropenso Award” at the II international competition “Gian Antonio Cibotto 2019” in Rovigo;
“3rd place at the” Literary competition for poets and storytellers 2019 “in Rogliano (CS).

“Le ombre delle verità svelate” obtained:

“2nd place” finalist ex aequo “at the” Excellence “competition of Castiglione Cosentino 2018 with the first edition;
“3rd place” at the Asas 2019 International Prize in Messina;
“4th place” finalist ex aequo of the competition “III Maria Cumani Quasimodo Award” 2019;
“Honorable Mention” finalist at the National Artists Competition for Peppino Impastato – 2nd Edition 2019 in Milan;
“Reporting certificate” at the 2018 Unicamilano Tournament Literary Competition;
“Certificate of Merit” finalist at the Medusa Aurea Trophy – AIAM Rome Salvatore Quasimodo Award;
“Jury Prize” to the International Literary Prize The Pinwheel of the Words of Limbiate (MB) 2nd Edition 2019.

“E ascoltai solo me stesso” he obtained:

“2nd Place” at the International Literary Prize “Lilly Brogi La Pergola Arte 2019” XI Ed. Of Florence;
“Honorable Mention” at the “International Literary Prize of Poetry and Virgil Fiction in Antica Atella” II edition 2019 of Frattaminore (NA);
“The City of Roger Special Prize” at the 5th International Poetry and Fiction Competition City of Cefalù 2019 “;
“Finalist at the” Gaio Valerio Catullo Prize “in Rome;
“Honorable Mention” at the 11th City of Grottammare 2020 Literary Competition “.

Currently I continue to participate in various literary competitions.

The works are described in My books.

I thank all those who have always believed in me.

Special thanks go to the editorial curator Enrico Marras, artist and poet, for the patience and professionalism always demonstrated, to my Press Office, the Journalist Francesca Ghezzani   and to the literary agent Virginia Villa of the literary agency “La sinossi” .


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